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Mens Suits

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The modern workplace may have become a more relaxed place in terms of dress code, but the mens suit remains the simplest way to make a style statement. But whilst wearing a smart suit can make all the difference when it comes to getting a promotion or securing a business deal, it is essential to ensure it is of good quality and fits well.

Mens corporate suits are available in a wide range of styles for different occasions. Trousers sit on the waist and hang straight, often with a central pleat, draping evenly over the tops of the shoes. Jacket styles vary greatly but single-breasted styles are forever popular. The shoulders are usually lightly padded which widens the upper frame, creating a streamlined shape. The jacket should remain buttoned, while sleeves are designed to show a little of the shirt cuff close to the wrists. Classic navy, grey, black and brown are popular colours for mens suits and the choice of fabrics can range from wool to linen, cotton and polyester blends.

Men should avoid any ill-fitting garment but this is even more important when it comes to mens suits. Double breasted jackets should be avoided by men with a fuller figure and care must also be taken not to wear bulky shirts underneath the jacket. The fit of the trousers can be even more important in defining the look. Cuffed trousers, whilst smart and formal, tend to shorten the leg and therefore favour the taller man. Get the combination right and you will have a suit to be worn with pride and which reflects a good standard of professionalism in your working environment.