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Knee Protection

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Knee pads are designed specifically to give extra protection when worn during sport, or at work, or even just to provide more comfort for those projects that require prolonged kneeling. A well made knee pad will offer protection against most impact injuries and direct blows to the knees. A high density kneepad will offer maximum protection at all times, the KP10 High Density knee protection pad has a single strap fitting for maximum comfort.

For maximum comfort and ultimate flexibility for prolonged knee pressure, KP40 Ultimate Knee Gel Knee Pads has a lot to offer. It has a single strap fitting for ultimate flexibility and comfort, yet the thick gel layer offers ultimate protection against knee abrasion and injury.

When looking for a lightweight knee protection, the KP20 is an ideal option. It has the bonus of being hard wearing, offering great ultimate protection whilst moulding around the knee area and fastening into place with two straps for greater flexibility and comfort.

S156 knee protection pads are a high quality durable pad that is specially designed to be inserted into a trouser pouch at the knee. These are a good choice for everyday use and once inserted offers great protection whilst on the move.

If you are a tradesman looking for the ultimate innovative knee protection then the KP44 CE Knee Pad may suit your requirements. These are crafted and designed to the latest European standards and are specially made in order that one size is suitable for everyone.

Whatever your requirements there will be knee protection to suit you.