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Shoes for Crews

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Shoes for Crews UK

Slip resistant footwear by Shoes for Crews. These anti slip shoes are mainly available in black. There are also white unisex shoe models

What are the best slip resistant work shoes?

Shoes for Crews (Shoes4crews) manufacture anti slip shoes which are ideal for a wide range of workplaces. Jobs which are especially suited to Shoes for Crews footwear include

  • waiters
  • waitresses
  • chefs
  • food production staff
  • kitchen porters
  • front of house staff
  • warehouse staff
  • bartenders
  • baristas
  • cleaners
  • housekeepers

What are the best shoes for restaurant workers?

Working on your feet all day is going to require the correct shoes as you are working around liquids, food, and sharp objects. We stock economy models such as Zinc or Radium and also premium shoe such as Mavi, Maven, Grind and Finn.

How long do Shoes for Crews last ?

They are designed specifically for the workplace and are therefore hardwearing and long lasting.