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WearerTech shoes

Custom Pro shoes with world-leading UltraGrip® soles to provide a high level of slip resistance. Wearertech shoes with Ultra Grip exceed SRC slip resistance rating

Each shoe design incorporates a raised heel to reduce the pain and discomfort of long working days in a hot kitchen or a busy restaurant.

WearerTech shoes

These shoes and trainers are put through their paces in demanding real-life kitchen environments. WearerTech understand the pressures you’re under from being on your feet, day in, day out. Designed in collaboration with Salford University's Experts in Biomechanics

Ultra Grip exceed the SRC slip resistance rating

What is an SRC rating ?

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) provides the following guidance.

Footwear which has passed the EN test for slip resistance will be marked with one of the following codes, SRA, SRB or SRC.

The codes indicate that the footwear has met the specified requirements when tested as follows:

  • SRA – tested on ceramic tile wetted with dilute soap solution;
  • SRB – tested on smooth steel with glycerol;
  • SRC – tested under both the above conditions.