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Head Protection

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The construction industry is a skilled yet tough environment, where serious injury is not an uncommon occurrence. Many of these accidents are as a direct result of head injuries, yet taking the simple precaution of wearing safety helmets can make an enormous difference in the reduction of risk and possibly save your life.

Where there is a possibility of head injury in the working environment, regulations state that suitable head protection must be worn. The considerations to be taken into account include checking that it adequately protects against any potential hazards; the type of hat chosen will depend on the level of risk .The safety helmets should comply with British Standards in order to offer the correct protection against bumps, knocks and falling objects and should be a suitable hat to allow the wearer to be able to work. It also should be fitted correctly.

The hard hat has several variations, including colour. Hi Viz helmets are available as well as different colours that can identify the role of the wearer, for example, visitors to site are often given a blue hat. The peak of the hat can differ, from full peak if the wearer is exposed to glare, or a small peak for those who have to look up and need a clear view.

For those who have to work out in all weathers it is possible to have a helmet with a rain gutter, to stop the water dripping down your back. Or for hot weather wear one with ventilation holes and replaceable sweat bands. There is no excuse not to protect your head.