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Reliable and top of the range personal protection equipment in industrial work environments is paramount for employee safety and a responsible employer's commitment to legally binding health and safety requirements. Don't take risks with employee safety and your business reputation by making sure you use the best ppe equipment on the market. Ppe equipment covers head, eye, ear, respiratory, hand, foot and knee protection as well as breathing apparatus and fall management such as ear plugs, safety helmets, dust masks, gloves, safety goggles, safety footwear, knee pads, life jackets, fall arresters and harnesses.

A lot of professions such as construction and fire fighting must adhere to very strict safety standards and as such should only use reputable ppe suppliers. Safety equipment suffers a lot of wear and tear and good quality products should be able to withstand the daily abuse it is likely to receive. Ioma Clothing can be trusted to supply only the best protection equipment and what's more it stocks equipment for female workers too, providing a proper fit for smaller frames.

It is vital that you are able to trust the equipment you use and rely on it in all conditions, something you can be assured of when using ppe suppliers, Ioma Clothing. You can also find health and safety and hazard warning signs with instructions as to what protection should be worn around different areas of the work environment. It is important that these are highly visible around any industrial site so employees and site visitors are fully aware of any potential risks.
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