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Many jobs require heavy duty boots that last for years, maintain their strength and help protect your feet. These workwear boots are often seen on building sites where their steel toe caps are great at shielding your feet and protecting them from harm.

People always think that in dangerous situations where masonry, steel or scaffolding could topple at any minute, that the head is the main thing to be protected. This is correct but it is not a good idea to forget about the feet as well.

Damaging any part of your feet can not only be extremely painful but also could mean you lose time at work. Wearing the right sort of boots will prevent this. The steel toe capped ones may be heavy but after a while you will get used to them.

Padding and support around the ankle is vital to keep you balanced and sturdy as you perform your daily tasks. If this is not correct then the boots are not good enough and you need to change them.

Most of these types of boots should have mid sole protection which is a plate inside the boot. This means if you stand on a nail it will not go straight through into your foot. Another good feature is that most boots like these are resistant to chemicals so if you work in an environment where chemicals are used and you accidentally stand in a spillage, your boot will not melt on contact.
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